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RSS and Keeping Up With Blogs

Page history last edited by John Pearce 14 years, 3 months ago

One of the features of all of Web 2.0 applications is the inclusion of RSS feeds. These feeds enable you to monitor websites such as blogs and wikis without having to directly visit the site on a regular basis. You will know that a site has an RSS feed when you see an icon that looks like the icon below.


If you are using Internet Explorer 7 you can find the icon on the right of the Toolbar.



If the icon is grey then there are no RSS feeds on that page however if it is orange, (as shown) then there is a a feed on the page. To subscribe to the feed you only need click on the orange icon. Click here to find further information on using RSS feeds in Internet Explorer.


Alternately if you are using Firefox then you might like to consider using the Sage Firefox plugin which opens in a separate pane. Another alternative is through the use of online aggregators such as Google Reader.

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